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Discovering the Roots of Scott Harvey

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Love at First Sight

Like most high school students, Scott Harvey had a crush. One could even speculate, a first love. However, unlike most teenagers, his was with the study of viticulture while on a student exchange program in the Rhineland Pfalz region of Germany.

As the saying goes, you never forget your first love and that was certainly the case for Scott.

Smitten by the art of winemaking and German techniques, Scott returned to Germany in 1975 as an apprentice at K. Fitz-Ritter Winery while attending the Weinbau Schule in Neustadt.

And so began the love story of Scott Harvey Wines.

Back to Roots

Scott Harvey has been producing old world style wines for more than 40 years.

At just 23 years of age, Scott became head winemaker for Story Winery with an ambitious plan in mind - to put Amador County on the California wine map.

In the late ‘70s Scott successfully honed his winemaking and management skills with Amador County’s Santino and Renwood wineries. In 1996, he became partners, winemaker and president of Napa’s Folie à Deux winery, creating their Ménage a Trois line. In 2004, Scott launched Scott Harvey Wines with his wife, Jana, a professional winery marketer.

Crafting the best wines possible from the soils and climatic conditions of the region, Scott’s German training and innovative style played a prominent role in bringing Amador County on the California wine map.

Scott Harvey Wines has focused on the motto, “niche wines that over deliver.” And that they have. Scott Harvey Wines has won numerous awards and high accolades. In fact, he is one of only three Amador winemakers who has the privilege to use grapes from the oldest documented Zinfandel vineyard in the United States (full story here).

The Scott Harvey line focuses on Scott’s roots – Zinfandel, Syrah and Barbera from the Sierras. Approachable, food friendly and full of luscious fruit, these wines have struck a chord in the marketplace.

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