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Enchanté Tamara...

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Amador County has a way of enchanting people...the great wine being a big bonus. Tamara Richards, Tasting Room Manager and Event Coordinator of Le Mulet Rouge, had just this experience. Originally from Fairplay, Tamara fell in love with the Amador County community and wine. After being wooed by Amador, she is now making it her home.

I am...

Someone who loves people, loves to talk, and loves wine. I am blessed to spend every day talking to people about wine!  

Favorite wine...

Oh my! Too many to choose from! Right now I am loving our wine club only Le Mulet Rouge Estate Syrah, Rosé and our Estate Liberté. Both are amazing! Grown in our vineyard in Fiddletown, the Syrah Rosé is bright, crisp, dry and wonderful for Summer sipping. The Estate Liberté is a 50/50 blend of our estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Lush, deep and extreme vivid in flavor, this wine is a new favorite for me!

When I am not pouring wine I am...

I'm usually spending time with any of my 5 children. My four sons are ages 17, 18, 19, 22 and my daughter is 30. They are each unique personalities and we share wonderful times together. Lots of laughter and noise at Momma's house! Right now, I am focusing my energy on moving to Amador County from Fairplay. I am very excited to soon be residing in the beautiful county I work in.  

Favorite wine quote...

My favorite wine quote is one I believe is my own,  "Wine is like sunshine in a bottle".

What do you love most about Amador County?

Amador county is unique in that it remains a small town, friendly, and rural atmosphere. Local businesses have been handed down from generation to generation and strive to keep it real. Wineries strive to "support the community", always "meet the owner/winemaker" atmosphere as the reason for people to continue to come visit. When a guest comes into Le Mulet Rouge, they know that they will get amazing service, history, and friendly ambiance to accompany our award winning wines. There is nothing pretentious or over blown here. We all work hard to preserve the quality, history and value of not only the wines we produce but the tasting room and event space we inhabit. It's just an amazing place to be!

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