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From Gold Rush to Gold Medals, The Story of 1850 Wine Cellars

When visiting 1850 Wine Cellars, you’ll be greeted by the cheerful staff and a vintage ambiance that reflects the rich history of Sutter Creek. Sit down to taste some wine and enjoy their delectable menu of bites. In good weather, you can enjoy seating outside on the quiet historic Randolph Street in Downtown Sutter Creek.


The story of 1850 Wine Cellars as a winery mirrors the spirit of the early settlers and viticultural pioneers in many ways. Born of a small group of friends and acquaintances that shared a deep desire to be a part of modern wine history, 1850 began with a shared vision of exploring the gold country areas of Amador, Fairplay and El Dorado to put down roots... just like the early settlers.

The name 1850 comes from tribute of California history and the Gold Rush. The gold hills have always held treasures for those willing to pour heart and soul into the land and this is no exception to 1850 Wines. Having poured their own heart and soul into their wines, they’ve won many gold medals of their own.


1850 Cellars Medals

1850 Wine Cellars All Other Red Blends - $15.00 - $29.99 Meritage Silver

1850 Wine Cellars Chardonnay - $24.00 - $25.99 Chardonnay Double Gold

1850 Wine Cellars Grenache Dominant Blends $29.99 GSM Silver

1850 Wine Cellars Tempranillo - $29.99 Tempranillo Gold

1850 Wine Cellars Cab Franc - $29.99 Cabernet Franc Bronze

1850 Wine Cellars Merlot - $27.00 - $30.99 Merlot Silver

1850 Wine Cellars Grenache - $29.99 Grenache Silver

1850 Wine Cellars Mourvedre Mourvedre Bronze

1850 Wine Cellars Syrah/Shiraz - $25.00 - $28.99 Syrah Gold

1850 Wine Cellars Barbera - $30.00 and above Barbera Silver

1850 Wine Cellars Zinfandel - $36.00 - $39.99 Zinfandel Gold

1850 Wine Cellars Zinfandel - $28.00 - $31.99 Zinfandel Double Gold

1850 Wine Cellars Roussanne, Roussanne Gold

1850 Wine Cellars Viognier - $24.99 Viognier Gold

1850 Wine Cellars Riesling - Bone Dry RS

Stop by 1850 Wine Cellars to try their award winning wines and experience a Gold Rush ambiance.


Visit 1850 Wine Cellars

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