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More Artists and Vendors at Wildflowers & Wine

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Our small town offers more than just charm and critically acclaimed wines. Amador County is also full of local talent. This year Wine on 49 will feature more artists, music and artisan crafters. Here's a sneak preview of what you can expect...

Attendees will receive maps and pairing lists

Take time and stop by our local shops throughout Sutter Creek. Chaos Glassworks will be showcasing demonstrations. Local artwork will also be featured at the Sutter Creek Gallery, Fine Eye and Gallery 10.

Hayden Alley will host a long line up of artists and local talents, including Americana band Mokelumne Crossing, beautiful artwork by Lexi Loader and Teri Garcia, handmade goat soap, local produce from Upcountry Farms, plus flowers galore (it is wildflower season, after all!) from our Flower Co-op and the California Native Plant Society, as well as lavender arrangements at Sera Fina Cellars 2.

Lexi Loader, Featured Artist

More artists will be featured at Le Mulet Rouge (John Slot, photographer), plus multiple art demonstrations at Scott Harvey.

Feist Wines will feature a handmade toy maker, as part of our endeavor to feature artisan crafters. Be sure to also stop by Bella Grace for handmade Flower Crowns (Sign up here for their workshop) and more artisan goods by Made in Amador.

And let us not forget one of our favorite parts of the event, live music!

Sit back, sip wine and enjoy the show with She Calls Him Wilson at Baiocchi Wines, Primitivo at Bella Grace, Sugarbeast at 1850 Cellars, The Doghouse Trio at Feist Wines, Chaz Muley at Le Mulet Rouge and young local talent Rachael Wilson will perform at the Plaza next to Miller Wine Works.

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