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Time and Passion Make Matthew Gibson Winery a Unique and Delightful Wine Tasting Destination

Matthew Gibson, owner and winemaker, has made winemaking and creativity his life passion. What started as a science with checking ph numbers and soil composition has turned into an art based on visual checks and texture.

All of the Matthew Gibson wines are Estate wines and spend a minimum of 4 years combined in the barrel and bottle before release.  His wines have no chemical additions (except a small dose of sulfur for protection) and have not been subject to any pumps, filters, or other additives. Matt’s goal is for all of their wines to last at least 20 years.

Time is not a concern for the The Gibson Family, beautiful wine, unique varietals like Nebbiolo and Sagrantino, and a drinking experience you will remember are the goals for each person who enjoys Matthew Gibson Wines. 

Matthew’s latest project is 20 years down the road, but will be rare and worth the wait. 12 years ago Matt planted French Oak Trees and Cork Oak Trees on the vineyard property. Their soil also contains fine white quartz sand, perfect for making bottles.  The plan is to make a wine entirely from the property; barrels, corks, bottles, and grapes. As he stated, “ I do not know how it will turn out, but it will sure be fun!!!”.

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