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Yorba Wines, The New Family Tradition

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

From cattle to oranges to critically acclaimed wines, the story of Yorba is full of rich history and family tradition.

Their family farming started when José Antonio Yorba came to California in 1769 as a member of the Portola Expedition and stayed to raise cattle and grain. Today, the Kraemer family continues to use the family cattle brands as their, well, marketing brand, and the name “Yorba” in honor of their great-grandmother Angelina Yorba.

After bearing the legacy of four generations of citrus growers in Southern California, the Kraemer family is finally establishing new roots at Shake Ridge Ranch in Amador County.

The Family Tradition

Yorba Wines is truly a multi-generational effort. The next generation is already earning its stripes - from bottling handcrafted wines, to being the best vine workers around. The fresh young minds challenge the old-timers to rethink what’s always been done.

However, the mastermind behind it all is still Ann Kraemer, who Wine Spectator Magazine has touted as, “a viticulture star” and “bringing new attention to the area.”

With more than 25 years experience (spanning from managing vineyards for Domaine Chandon and Swanson to consultant work for Cain, Calera, Hobbs and Shafer), Ann continues to practice a long standing tradition of sustainable farming, ensuring that not only their grapes produce wines of the highest quality, but also so the land will prosper for the generations to follow.

As Ann says, “It’s all in the details!”

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