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Kayaking and Rafting
Imagine. Kayaking peacefully on Alpine Lake or Caples Lake. Paddle boating along Bear Lake. Or for the more adventurous, wild rafting on the Mokelumne River. All here in Amador County. Great exercise. Great relaxation. 


Prefer to travel light? ​Passes Resort on Silver Lake and Caples Lake Resort both offer kayak and boat rentals.

Amador County is home to some amazing hiking trails. Choose between a gentle stroll through Sutter Creek to Andrae's Bakery (a five mile trip with a treat waiting for you halfway!) or a strenuous Sierra Nevada adventure at high elevation and stunning views!

The Mokelumne Coast to Crest trail crosses through Amador in the Pardee and Camanche areas and follows the Mokelumne River. It is a magnificent trail. For high country hiking locations, visit
 Amador Up Country or El Dorado National Forest.

Bicycle through the many peaceful countryside roads of Amador County, or for a challenge, attack one of the routes of the Sierra Century- five beautiful rides if you can catch your breath! For other routes and more information, visit California Bicycle Destinations of Amador County.


All rock hounds welcome! This fascinating cavern showcases a wide variety of stalactites, stalagmites, crystals and more! On a hot summer day, imagine climbing down into a cave that's 54 degrees all year long. The Landmark Tour takes you deep into the heart of the caves.


The "Labyrinth Tour" consists of climbing, sliding and possible rappelling on and around rocks above ground. The operators also run two other underground mine adventures.

Kirkwood Resort
Kirkwood Mountain, off of Highway 88, is every adventurer's mecca for both Summer and Winter sports. Fantastic skiing and snowboarding makes the resort a popular winter designation. When the snow melts and the wildflowers start to bloom, Kirkwood offers a whole new outdoor experience. Lift accessed hiking and mountain biking, rock climbing, disc golf, fishing and boating are all available on the mountain. Visit Kirkwood Resort.


Wildflower Hikes
Wood Lake, near Carson Pass up Highway 88, is an amazing site to catch wildflower blooms. The El Dorado National Forest Interpretive Association is a great source for updates on when and where to catch the Sierra Nevada wildflower blooms. It's a spectacular reason to get those hiking boots on!


Fishing in lakes, rivers and streams is available year-round. Lake Pardee, Lake Comanche and Lake Amador are the top go-to places when the weather is cooler. Fishing from shore or in a boat can be done at any of these lakes. When the summer heat becomes too much, local fishing moves to higher elevations. Middle Bar, Electra and Tiger Creek provide access to Mokelumne River. Travel further up Highway 88 to find Woods Lake, Blue Lake and Silver Lake.

Amador has a fly fishing club, which may provide more information and fishing hotspot locations. Visit
 Amador Fly Fishing.

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