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Walking Tour of Sutter Creek
A fun and educational two mile stroll through town! Visit old haunts of the gold rush and listen to the personal tales of life, as it was. See the map.

Chaw'se Indian Grinding Rock State Park

A short drive from Sutter Creek, this beautiful land with open meadows and large valley oaks provided the Native Americans with an overwhelming supply of acorns. The park centers around outcropping of marbleized limestone with some 1.185 mortar holes- the largest collection of bedrock mortars in North America. It is an incredible testament to those who lived there. The museum features a variety of exhibits and an outstanding collection of Sierra Nevada artifacts. A Miwok village, complete with a ceremonial roundhouse has been reconstructed in the middle of the small valley. Click here to learn more.

Kennedy Gold Mine

At 5,912 feet, the Kennedy Mine is famous for being one of the deepest gold mines in the world. The mine is a site to be seen and demonstrates how gold changed an entire way of life in California. Visit Kennedy Gold Mine for tour information. 


A center of innovation in California's Motherlode country, the historic Knight Foundry actively served the needs of the mining and lumber industries for more than 120 years.


It is also believed to be the only remaining water-powered foundry and machine shop in the United States. The Knight Foundry provided the specially-crafted machinery and tools that made it possible to mine and process gold and other minerals.

The Monteverde Store Museum 

The museum, which opened as country store in 1896, displays all of its paraphernalia of the past on its shelves. Dry goods, hardware, bulk products, apparel, patterns- even penny candy- were on hand for local shoppers.


Historic Sutter Creek City Cemetery
Located in Sutter Creek on City Cemetery Road, see the resting place for many of the area's pioneers and miners. 


Amador Museum
Entering this museum is a step back in time. Located in Jackson, it features a fascinating array of artifacts and items from the county's early days. Visitors may wander through the many unusual exhibits that fill the 15 room home.


Antique Stores
Love antiques? Then Amador County is the place for you! Wonder through the countless antique stores nestled throughout the historic towns of Amador City, Sutter Creek and Jackson.

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