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Welcome to Miller Wine Works

Let me begin by giving you a little background as to who we are and how we approach both the wines we make, and the culinary thinking we employ in the pairing of these wines with food in our Wine Bar on Randolph Street in Sutter Creek.

Approximately fifteen years after my high school graduation, and my subsequent pursuit of an engineering career, I made a hard left. This was my initial foret into the world of hospitality, food, and wine. So, for almost thirty years now, I have been committed to expanding upon that experience.

Initially I completed a formal education in the culinary arts, followed by an additional two-year apprenticeship at one of the world's great hotels. Upon graduation I began my practical education by working in numerous positions around the country, working for many experienced chefs who were to become my mentor. This experience also had a geographic aspect to it, as I progressively moved further west, and eventually landed in Napa Valley.

Along the way, my interest in wine became secondary only to food. Upon arriving in Napa, it seemed that if I were to take the next step in wine, that now was the obvious time. To that end I formed Miller Wine Works in September of 2000. We enjoyed success in Napa / Sonoma until 2011, when we relocated our efforts to Amador County and Sutter Creek.

Our focus is primarily wines, or blends, from Rhone varietals, in addition to a Zinfandel grown just up the hill from here, in the Amador tradition.

Last August we took the final step in closing the loop, and finally bringing the worlds of food and wine back together, by opening our Tasting Room / Wine Bar at 3 Randolph Street in Sutter Creek. This location affords me an opportunity to do substantially more cooking, as well as more room to welcome guests than we are able to do from The Sutter Creek Cheese Shoppe.

Please visit us for a glass of wine and a bite. We look forward to seeing, you and getting to know you by your first name!

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