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Kelsey, The Gem of Yorba Wines

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Meet Yorba Wines Tasting Room Manager - Kelsey Mort. Mushroom aficionado, storyteller, and enthusiast of all things wonderful about Amador County. Kelsey loves to share amusing stories with guests and recommend the best local spots to sit back, relax and enjoy a bottle of Yorba.

What is your favorite wine?

My favorite Yorba wines are myriad: 2008 Shake Ridge Red, 2007 Syrah and 2013 Barbera. 

My favorite non-Yorba wine can be anything from crisp, snappy and "appley" Gruner Veltliner, dry Riesling, always Barbera and certain styles of Zinfandel.  I also love trying obscure varieties I have never tasted before. It is so fun to experience a wine without have a predetermined set of characteristics you think it needs to satisfy.

When I'm not pouring wine I am...

Playing frisbee golf - disc golf is so fun and anyone can play it. Kirkwood course in the summer is my favorite, although there's a nice course in Fair Play too! Hiking and enjoying our beautiful scenery, canoeing, or (seasonally!) hunting for wild gourmet mushrooms. No, I won't tell you where my secret spots are!

Favorite wine quote

"Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, make the sage frolic, and the serious smile."  - Homer

What I love most about Amador...

Everything! The people are open and friendly, the scenery beautiful and varied - and the possibilities for fun and adventure are boundless!  The quality of life is wonderful and whether you live here or visit, you continually feel like you are discovering something special! 

Stop by and meet Kelsey! Visit Yorba Wines

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