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The Architects of Le Mulet Rouge

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We all have that dream. You know, the one you wonder if it’s possible? The dream that has you questioning what you are doing in life. The dream you want to pursue, but….

Le Mulet Rouge owners, Jody, Tracy and Randy, were working as architects in Denver when they fell in love with a small Amador County vineyard and winery, just off the beaten path in Fiddletown. In 2014, they decided to ignore that nagging "but…" and leave their professional careers to pursue their dream of winemaking. In just a few short years, they are producing award winning wines.

Fun Fact: The dragonfly symbolizes their dream of winemaking. Literally. As they were in the process of buying the Le Mulet Rouge vineyard and winery, a dragonfly would often appear. Sometimes at the vineyard as they were signing papers. One time on Jody's bedroom pillow at her old house in Denver!  The dragonfly is their sweet little reminder of their pursuit to happiness.

As Le Mulet Rouge grew, the owners realized they needed a new tasting room that represented their new wines and new history.


It pays tribute to their love of wine - the rich red bar top resembles the stains on a wine barrel after years of use; the quartersawn oak of the back bar and wine rack looks like the staves of a new barrel, adding the old and new elements of their winemaking journey.

“The tasting room is a reflection of our wines,” said Tracy. “The textures, the attention to detail – these are also elements of our wines. We give care and thought to all that we do for a rich experience in the tasting room.”

“Selecting materials that have meaning as well as beauty was important to the design of the space.” said Jody. “We wanted to respect the history of the building, yet infuse contemporary details into the interior design, which represents ourselves as architects who take a modern approach to the craft of winemaking.”  


“We selected colors to bring out the hues of the adjacent historic 1800’s stone wall, to give homage to the history of the building,” said Randy. There are many fun elements that can be found throughout the tasting room such as the wall of barrel staves. This unique element perfectly captures the spirit of the owners - architecture and wine.


“We wanted to make sure the space was comfortable, friendly and large enough to use for special events, parties and anything else our guests would have fun doing… with wine,” said Jody.  “Our new Tasting Room and Event Manager, Tamara, will be planning and scheduling all sorts of events, from Receptions and Supper Clubs to Paint and Wine parties.”


Tamara added, “We envision this as a place where guests will come to not only taste our fine wines, but stop in with friends on their way to dinner or the theater and enjoy a glass of wine in the warmth of our hospitality." 


Join Le Mulet Rouge for their Grand Opening on Sunday, March 25th!


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